Today’s Tungsten Market Quotes

Domestic tungsten prices remain strong, and the quotations are slightly aggressive in the hope of rising sentiment in the raw material market. According to the actual transaction contract price display of Chinatungsten Online’s daily purchases and the comprehensive survey of various manufacturers, the current price of black tungsten concentrate can be seen at a high level of 102,000. Yuan/ton, the intermediate product ammonium paratungstate (APT), which is the main raw material of reduced tungsten powder, is mainly concentrated in tentative quotations of 154,000 yuan/ton.

On this basis, domestic manufacturers have raised the prices of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder; some manufacturers temporarily did not offer prices, which temporarily caused market shortages; downstream alloy processors who hold orders are facing a lack of raw materials and a sharp increase in costs. Double dilemma. The raw material side may not be the real shortage factor and the inevitable panic in the market has caused both the supply and the seller to expect the market to recover. As a result, mainstream manufacturers have already raised the medium particle tungsten powder market by 235 yuan/kg and 239 yuan/kg. Tentative offer, the actual transaction situation is subject to follow-up observation.

Compared with the enthusiasm of the raw materials, the downstream pace is slower. Although the alloy companies have successively reported that they will increase their product prices by 10% or even 15% in July, the reason is that in addition to the pressure caused by the cost of raw materials such as carbides, cemented carbide The price of important metal binders, such as cobalt, nickel, etc., is also another driving factor this year due to the sharp increase in the demand for new energy. However, we believe that, looking at the global market, the overall market demand for tungsten products is supported. The role is not clear. Although the World Bank recently adjusted China’s GDP in 2021 to 8.5%, the economic recovery of overseas markets such as the European and American markets is not as good as China’s. The US GDP in 2021 will still remain at about 2.5%, so it will increase sharply in a short period of time. The raw material market is difficult to be accepted by the downstream.

The industry believes that the matching degree of the actual production and sales data in the market outlook is still unknown. Blindly chasing the rise is not conducive to the long-term and stable operation of the market. On the contrary, it may cause distortion, disconnection and blockage of some links and periods of the industrial chain, which will affect upstream mining and downstream mining. The operation of enterprises such as alloys will bring certain harm.

On the whole, the current confidence in the upstream and downstream of the tungsten industry chain is divergent. The raw material end is chasing up, and some businesses have suspended quotations, hoping that the market outlook will be more profitable, and the low-level resources in the spot market are hard to find; the demand end is obviously cautious, and the downstream end Risk appetite is low, enthusiasm for active stocking is not high, and market inquiries are mostly just demand. Wait and see the new round of institutional forecasts and long-term order price guidance in July, and the actual transaction market at the end of the month is deadlocked.

Post time: Jun-30-2021