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  • The Introduction of our main Carbide Rods Grade

    Today I want to introduce our main and most competitive products –Tungsten Carbide Rods. Our factory has a very big capacity of rods which more than 80 tons per month. And the most welcome two grades for rods is Grade YK20(10%Co) and Grade YK25(12%Co) YK20 has better micro-structure with go...
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  • What is the three major market of tungsten carbide products?

    What is the three major market of tungsten carbide products?

    What is the three major market of tungsten carbide products now? Hard alloy parts occupy the automotive, medical, new energy market, do you believe it ? Do you know it? Please let me introduce it to you today. It is mainly used in the automotive field. After molding, sintering, metal or alloy pow...
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  • Sales Achieved an All-time High in 2015

    In 2015, faced with the increasing pressure of economic downturn and a sharp fall on raw material price and other negative factors, Nanchang Cemented Carbide LLC forged ahead in unity, neither hesitated nor replies on others to seek a development. To the internal, it enhanced the management and q...
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  • The Company Sales Increase Again Against the Weak Demand in the First Half of This Year

    Since the beginning of 2014, the prices of tungsten raw materials was kept going down, the market situation is at the murky condition no matter in domestic market or overseas market, the demand is very weak. The whole industry seems to be in the cold winter. Facing the serious market situation, t...
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  • Conflict Minerals Policy

    Nanchang Cemented Carbide LLC(NCC) is one of the leading companies in Tungsten Carbide field in China. We focus on the manufacture of Tungsten product. In July 2010, US President Barack Obama signed the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer  Protection Act” that includes section 1502(b) on ...
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