Tungsten Carbide Circular blades

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  • Brand: NCC
  • Product origin: Nanchang,China
  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Sample: Available
  • Delivery time: 7-25Days
  • Supply capacity: 1,00,000pcs/Month
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    Main Features

    1) less knife consumption costs.

    2) Strictly quality control for excellent valve.

    3) High precision, high intensity.

    4) Excellent hardness,small thermal deformation.

    5) Matched to their applications.

    6) Reduce unsurpassed edge quality.

    7) Increased blade durability and reduced retooling time.

    8) Excellent cutting quality,stable and reliable cutting performance.


    Products applicable to various industries and fields ,the products are widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, paper, carton, paper tube, forestry, plastic machinery, food machinery, textile, electronics, light industry, aluminum foil copper foil, metal film, tobacco, cigarette materials, packaging materials, BOOP film, edge sealing, seal, bottom sealing machine, wood processing, food packaging, wire and cable, steel smelting, shipbuilding, chemical, textile, plastics, leather, plastic crushing industry and other industries.

    Why Choose Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools


    Carbide (either tungsten or titanium) is much better at dissipating heat than steel. Thus, when using these tools, you don’t have to stop as often to allow the machinery to cool off. Also, this dissipation helps the material stay stronger because it doesn’t change the structure of the metal. It has a long service life

    2.Cleaner Cuts and Finishes

    One crucial element of a carbide cutting tool is that the edge is going to stay sharper for longer. Because it maintains a sharper edge, that also means that you get a cleaner, neater finish. Whether cutting hardwood or metal, having cleaner results will save you both time and money. Carbide tools don’t damage the grain as much either. 

    3.Long Service Life

    When you combine the durability of steel with the expert finishing power of carbide, you get a tool that is built to last

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    Production Process


    Industrial Solution


    Why Choose NCC carbide

    1)More than 50 years production and management experience

    2)Obvious technology advangages

    we always maintained the advanced position in technological R&D capability in China,and has owned a provincial-level technology center,as well as an analysis and test center

    3)Strict Manufacturing system

    We have stable and reliable manufacturing system,which with advanced process equipments,talented professionals and perfect quality assurance system

    4)Perfect quality assurance system.

    We strictly implements the ISO9001:2015 quality management system,and implements the whole staff quality responsibility system to ensure continuous and efficient service to clients.

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