What is the three major market of tungsten carbide products?

What is the three major market of tungsten carbide products now? Hard alloy parts occupy the automotive, medical, new energy market, do you believe it ? Do you know it? Please let me introduce it to you today.

It is mainly used in the automotive field. After molding, sintering, metal or alloy powder and other processes to produce cemented carbide parts used in different industries. After 70 years of development, the cemented carbide parts have been gradually developed from replacing the cast iron parts with low strength and relatively simple properties to being able to replace the casting and forging parts with high strength parts and become an effective substitute for machining or casting parts.

The downstream industry of cemented carbide can become auto parts, motorcycle parts, compressor parts and other accessories, from the perspective of the global cemented carbide machinery parts industry, the largest market of tungsten carbide products sales is the automotive industry, the technology of cemented carbide parts, the highest quality requirements of the market.


Post time: Nov-27-2020