Today’s Tungsten Market

Domestic tungsten prices continued to weaken this week, mainly due to the poor relationship between market supply and demand, coupled with the instability of global epidemics, transportation, management measures, and liquidity, making it difficult to make clear market outlook expectations, and the overall market sentiment is poor , The offer was chaotic, and the buyer and seller talks were deadlocked.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the overall upstream shipment atmosphere has increased, but under the support of cost factors such as environmental protection and scarcity of resources, merchants are still cautious about selling low-level inquiries; downstream customers are not very motivated to enter the market to receive goods, and the overall demand is released Partially empty atmosphere. Market supply and demand have been in the game stage for a long time, spot trading is thin, and the focus of mainstream transactions has fallen below the 110,000 yuan/ton mark.

In the APT market, the recovery of energy supply and the fall in the cost of raw and auxiliary materials led to the weakening of the support conditions for product prices. In addition, the decline in the price of large enterprises’ long-term orders exceeded the expectations of the industry. tidy. The overseas market was affected by the domestic negative atmosphere, and proactive purchase intentions have diminished. Inquiries just needed have also reduced prices to a certain extent. Domestic manufacturers are still cautious in taking orders considering cost and capital pressures.

In the tungsten powder market, the upstream and downstream performances of the industrial chain are both positive and negative. The overall market trading atmosphere is general. Purchase and sales are cautious and based on demand. The market is weak and stable. . The impact of the recent tungsten cube boom on industry demand and market conditions has been in vain. The focus of the industry is on the economic recovery of the manufacturing industry, the epidemic, and logistics.

Post time: Nov-19-2021